SEO or search engine optimization, is the collection of internet marketing strategies that will propel your company’s website to crush your competition and emerge as the dominant leader in your local market.

While your website enables you to “get in the game” so to speak, showcasing your business, staff and company to all, it is SEO that truly drives traffic to your business. Isn’t that why we are all online – to drive more business our way and get more people to do business with us!?

SEO is a cornerstone of the Hoskins Media Group digital offerings. Whether you are small town or big city, one business location or dozens — search engine optimization by Hoskins Media Group LLC will set you apart from your competitors. Have you ever wondered why your business uses the same digital marketing agency as all of your competitors? Think a big name company selling the same cookie-cutter, inexpensive SEO packages to every business in your city is the smart approach?

We didn’t think so!

Hoskins Media Group delivers real world, proven results with ourSEO Solutions.

SEO Customized For Your Business

We talk to several business owners a week from across the United States. It’s always interesting to here the stories…

If this sounds like you, don’t worry, we can help!

When you evaluate  SEO solutions for your Business or Franchise – consider the following:

Is the SEO Solution being sold to you by a “website/inventory management company” ?

If Yes, end the conversation with this person and just say “Thank you”, and kick them out of your office or off the phone!

If No, listen for the following phrases:

  • We do “article marketing” to build you lots and lots of backlinks.  We can make you #1 in a few weeks.
  • We can fix your meta tags and get you top results for dozens of keywords.
  • We use sophisticated automated tooling to generate thousands of links.
  • Some former Real Estate / Mortgage Employees… (yes, lots of so-called SEO companies are staffed by recent dropouts from the real estate/mortgage world!)

…… if you heard the above phrases – once again, say “Thank you”, and kick them out of your office or off the phone!


Any SEO Strategies that offer anything less then what I’ve listed here and you’re simply wasting your money!

Our Company’s SEO Basic Principles


Local Citations Customized For Your Business

It’s critical to have your business listed in dozens and dozens of locally focused directories and review sites. This will give your business the needed authority to help boost your local maps listing. A large number of accurate citations will strongly influence your SEO. By accurate I mean you should always ensure your company’s Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) are correctly listed on each local directory.



While videos should be an important part of your company’s digital marketing strategy, they also serve as an excellent source of relevant local links and citations back to your business.


Press Releases

We see many businesses writing press releases, but unfortunately most squander the chance to gain tangible local seo boosts through these releases. Never miss out on the chance to generate quality “fresh” backlinks to your company website using your release.


Review Sites

Reputation Management has become front of mind for many businesses and is now considered a separate discipline from SEO. These review sites are good for more than simply positive PR about your business. The NAP, or name, address, and phone number for your company should be exactly the same on all of these sites as in your Google and Bing listing.

Recent feedback from Google suggests that 2013 will be the year that Google penalizes businesses in the search results who have poor customer reviews. Are you ready?


Social Media Content

Since early 2012 Google (and likely Bing) have used social factors to help rank your business for key local search terms. Things like your facebook fan page, twitter account, and even Pinterest now play a real role in determining where your business will rank.


Blog Content

Your blog is critical to the company’s SEO process. Your blog’s content must be written and structured in a way that Google and Bing recognize the fresh content that markets your business or brand. The more often you publish fresh content about your business, and keeping the general public updated on special events, changes in your industry, etc. the better. Google and Bing will start to visit your company website more frequently, and will likely discover more pages throughout your website.


Link Building

Local search for your business should not include spammy, automated backlinks in 2013. These mass generated links provide virtually no value today, and are simply a remnant of the SEO community’s past. Unfortunately, many SEO companies don’t realize this yet!

Links from other industry related sites, press releases, social media properties, videos and authority sites will make a difference in your SEO success. Quality SEO is about great content – whether on your website, guest posts on other sites, or across press releases and social media.

Connect with our SEO team today to discuss your website, why you can’t seem to compete with your rival competitors or even to critique your current SEO strategy.  SEO Solutions from Hoskins Media Group LLC will have a real ROI for your business. Are you ready?